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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my property join?

In such a fiercely competitive industry, successful hotels and resorts must deliver guest benefits beyond vacation value and experience.  A property’s social and environmental responsibility is an important differentiator.  The Good Night Foundation offers a simple, proven no-cost program that enhances your property’s renown – by providing an easy way for your guests to give back.  

What is The Good Night Foundation?

The Good Night Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides hassle-free charitable giving for your guests, requiring minimal hotel administration, and no up-front cash investment.  

The Good Night Foundation’s purpose is to provide financial support to local organizations and issues, as well as contribute to a national or global effort.  

How does it work?

A nominal charitable donation is added to guests’ nightly rate.  After administration costs, which shall not exceed 10%, 75% is donated to local community organization(s), while the remaining 25% goes to national organizations aligned with the goals of members.  Funds are transmitted on a monthly basis to the Good Night Foundation for processing.  There are no up-front costs for a hotel to join, and minimal administration.  Hotels guests may easily opt out of The Good Night Foundation participation at checkout.  

How are community grantees determined?

Your property selects the local organization you wish to receive 50% of the community donation proceeds.  For example, founding member Post Ranch Inn allocates its portion to support important local resources such as the Big Sur Health Center.  At a mutually beneficial time, the designated charity joins a hotel staff meeting or public relations event to receive the grant from the hotel.  The remaining 25% is pooled with other community donations for greater collective impact on a larger scale local issue, such as school food reform, selected with the Good Night Foundation board.

To qualify, local donation recipients must be registered nonprofits involved in one or more of The Good Night Foundation’s focus areas.  However, any nonprofit may self-elect, and guests, property staff, or community members may nominate an organization through the on-line system. 

What national/global programs benefit, and how are they selected?

The Good Night Foundation’s 2013-2014 grantee is the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Grants are made annually, based on review and approval by The Good Night Foundation’s board. 

How are donations processed?

The Good Night Foundation offers a simple, hassle-free process to collect funds. Nightly donations to The Good Night Foundation appear on a guest’s statement as a separate line item.  All funds collected are forwarded to The Good Night Foundation on a set monthly basis, and the foundation distributes the funds on a semi-annual basis in coordination with the property..

Who are the current members of The Good Night Foundation?

The following leading hotels are The Good Night Foundation’s founding member properties:

You can join this esteemed group of progressive hotels. 

Are contributions deductible?

Yes, for your guests.  The Good Night Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization in the U.S., so all donations are tax-deductible for guests residing in the United States.  Residents of other countries should consult their tax advisors.  Guests desiring a receipt can request one supplied by GNF at the checkout desk.. 

The guest benefits are clear; but what’s in it for me, the hotelier?

First and foremost, you are setting yourself apart as a leading local business and good corporate citizen that is committed to the local community.  Other benefits include marketing and publicity opportunities, improved staff engagement and social media marketing.

What are my marketing benefits?

Ancillary marketing benefits include association with an elite group of other socially responsible hotels and resorts; links on The Good Night Foundation’s web site; exposure via The Good Night Foundation’s national PR campaign; and turnkey marketing materials including local news release templates and program materials custom-printed with your logo and information. 

How do I market this program to my guests?

The Good Night Foundation provides high-quality bookmark-style check-in cards, imprinted with your property’s name and logo, that explain the program’s goals and procedures and showcase the organization(s) you have selected as grantee(s).  The foundation also provides support for hotels interested in publicizing their contribution.  You may promote your membership in confirmation letters, stories of philanthropic impact in your newsletters, on your website, in-room video/Internet log-in, or via any other media you use to communicate with your guests.

How do I join?

To receive your membership information package and information on how to become a member of The Good Night Foundation, please contact:

The Good Night Foundation   •  
1283 Coast Village Circle, Santa Barbara, CA 93108
  •   805.565.7550